Our History
When we created Atticus, we wanted it to stand for all the things that we love and believe in: good food, good company and great design.

We wanted to create truly functional pieces that, because of their timeless elegance, would never be in danger of gathering dust. Each piece in the collection is designed and crafted for a lifetime of frequent use and tested in our home. Over the years, we have developed a first-hand awareness of what makes a great piece: simplicity and utility. Everything we do is for the person who appreciates the elegance of simplicity.

Like any great partnership, we bring different strengths to the table. Marcela designs the lines and Atticus designs the business. Marcela’s inspiration comes from everything around her, from the graceful strength of the horses on the ranch in Schulenburg, Texas to the natural beauty of the materials, to a favorite antique silver box that we discovered at Les Puces, a fleamarket in Paris.

Atticus reflects not only our taste and design sensibility, but also our desire to create products that are responsibly designed and consciously crafted. We use the finest materials and employ highly skilled artisans who handcraft each piece with pride, ensuring that our products are timelessly beautiful and built to last. Wherever possible, we choose more environmentally sensitive materials and processes. We hope that every part of what we do helps make the world a more beautiful place.

We hope you enjoy our line as much as we do.

All the best,
Marcela and Atticus



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